September 5th, 2015 ~ 3:00PM

About The Zorbaz Beer Run

Zorbaz, Running and Beer…..yes…this is happening!!  The ultimate party fun experience for EVERYONE!   Set your calendar for Saturday, September 5, 2015 for our 3dd Annual Zorbaz Beer Run!

The concept is simple…..Ztart Running (or walking)….you do a 1 Mile Loop….Hit the Beer Zone…Drink a Beer, then DO IT AGAIN!  One more loop….then One More Beer…..and if you’re  REALLY up for the Challenge, then give yourself ONE MORE LOOP to make it a 3 Mile Run/Walk.  Finish…..Drink a Beer…..Party with Friends, Live Music….and, oh yeah….more Beer!

Diztance Matters??  We Think Not!  You can stop after ONE Mile, TWO Miles or Three…..totally up to you.  We want everyone to be a Beer Run Finizher!

Pace Matterz??  We Think Not!  Run, Walk, Crawl…..it’s all about going home with a Zorbaz Beer Run Finizher SHIRT and Finizher MUG!!  No watches….No timing…..Just you and the road and some beer!